Why Tauranga businesses can really benefit from SEO & Digital Marketing Services

services-web-development-servicesHow SEO & Digital Marketing benefits you

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that many SMBs in Tauranga & the Bay of Plenty are just now starting to explore search engine optimisation and related digital marketing services.

Many of the local small business owners I have spoken to recently are not currently investing in any kind of ongoing SEO or digital marketing services.

A fair few reported not operating a regularly maintained website, that provides them with any real measurable marketing benefit.

It actually seemed quite common place for small business owners to not know:

  • How many Internet users visit their website each month
  • Where the search engine users and website visitors are located
  • What keywords people are using in Google to find their website & their competitors websites
  • What users do once they reach their website or social media channels.

Having access to this kind of general SEO information on a regular basis provides very insightful business intelligence.

Advanced web analytics can tell you how users are engaging with your website and your brand online.

Monthly SEO reports will tell you what products or services visitors are most interested in on your website, can help you understand why & how users engage with your social media, digital marketing content, and much more.

This is just scratching the surface of the information that can be attained from an effective web analytics system as part of a well managed SEO campaign.

I recently returned to Tauranga after 5 years in Sydney, where I connected with a number of small businesses who were looking to improve their website & online presence.

Sydney, being a much larger city has reached a point where most small businesses need to be thinking seriously about developing & maintaining an effective online & search presence.

Tauranga is of course a smaller market. However, Tauranga businesses that provide products & services to local, national and international customers are increasingly faced with greater online competition — so we will see a growing need for local small businesses to have a quality Internet presence, so as to connect with customers in an increasingly search & digital focused consumer world.

Lets review some of the reasons businesses might not currently have made the plunge and started investing in professional digital marketing services


“We are pretty busy at the moment, don’t really need to do any SEO”

In some cases, businesses are already flat-tack and really don’t need to invest in marketing to find more leads.

However keep in mind, this can be the perfect time to invest in web marketing. Having a quality website and fresh content will help to maintain your momentum & is a great way to promote your current business activities online.

An active website, social & content marketing will also help to show that you are an established & trustworthy brand. It says, I am here to stay, and I take my business image and my customers seriously.

Would you like a clearer understanding of how you can promote your business successfully online into the future?


“Budget is going into other areas of the business at the moment”

SEO-benefits-Tauranga-businessesWith rising running costs, and small business growing pains — sometimes marketing budgets can be the first to take hit.

Did you know however, digital marketing can be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising for small businesses.

With SEO, you will be connecting with ‘pre-qualified leads’. This means, unlike ‘traditional marketing’ such as flyers, newspaper & magazine advertising, signs & billboards, radio, etc. where you message is simply placed in front of everyone — Search engine marketing will connect you directly with potential customers who have gone online with the direct intention of finding a business just like yours, often in your particular area!

This results in a much higher chance that your marketing $$ are going to result in valuable enquiries & more new customers.

Do you want your business to appear on search engines when users look for a business such as yours in your local area? Talk to us about Local SEO


“We just haven’t had a chance to get to working on the website!”

You’ll be happy to know that if you are just looking for a basic business website, our web design services start from just $900 total, for a customised high quality CMS.

Content Management System’s (CMS) such as WordPress are designed to allow non-specialists such as business owners to login to the back-end of the website and update text, images etc.

Website design, and in particular SEO services don’t need to be as expensive and complex as many think.

Monthly SEO investment can start from just $400-600 per month, providing you with a measurable, ongoing return on investment.

Once you business is ranking well on Google, you will start to see more traffic to your website — which results in more online enquiries from people who are looking for a business just like yours whether on a global or nationwide scale, or in your particular area.


About SEO packages for Tauranga businesses

More and more businesses and customers are moving into the Tauranga area meaning online marketing is only going to become more competitive.

Is it time to speak with an digital expert to learn how we can help you develop or maintain your business momentum & meet your 2016 goals?

From just $400 per month, we can get started on a professional digital marketing campaign tailored to your business & budget.

We can help you get ahead and connect with more new customers online!

Learn more about our SEO services, or contact us for a free chat about your digital marketing requirements.


Learn how we can help you succeed online!

Digital and search marketing is a wide and broad field. A tailored digital campaign will have considerably more effect than trying to copy everyone else. Talk to us about a unique, effective solution to match your business. 

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