Are you using Infographics for SEO? Optimising for Accessibility

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Quality infographics are great for customer engagement and storytelling.

They make entertaining email marketing & social media resources, improve brand exposure & drive traffic to your website.

But are you taking advantage of the SEO benefits of marketing with infographics?

The problem with images/infographics in the SEO world, is search engines can’t read the words on the image. Many marketers are publishing infographics that search engines do not read.

An ALT Tag can be used to provide a description of an image for search engines, or humans. Good for capturing the content of individual images, but can’t adequately represent the detail in many Infographics.

Latest solution is, we develop some ‘Infographic Description’ Markup code and add it to the page that will outlines all on the information in the infographic.

This Markup allows search engines, browsers and assistive technologies (AT) like screen readers to access a machine only readable version of the content contained in the infographic (image).

Recently a popular story in SEO circles, Google is aware of the technique. We can expect this technique to become increasingly popular. Accessibilty is important. And Google takes it seriously.

Globally, 39 million people are blind. 285 million are visually impaired. 15% of the world’s population — over a billion people — have some form of disability.

This kind of Markup helps both search engines and assisitive technologies (AT) understand what elements are contained on a page.

In a webpage, different elements like title tags, headings, paragraphs or some schema markup can have more weight or value than other markup. People using assistive technologies are reliant on these structural elements to navigate through the page without being able to see it or without being able to use a mouse.

Fusing technical SEO with advanced UX (user experience) concepts is an increasingly important part of a well-rounded & successful search & digital marketing campaign.

Do you need technical search engine optimisation services or consulting from an expert SEO to enhance your next infographic or social media campaign?


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